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Death Ship:

Feb 20, 2020 - A total of 621 people from the cruise ship have now been confirmed to have the newly identified coronavirus — or about 20% of the 3,011 people who had been tested as of Wednesday.

Feb. 17, 2020 - 99 newly infected on this cruise ship is a ~12% infection rate!!

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TOKYO -- Japanese officials have confirmed 99 more people infected by the new virus aboard the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess, bringing the total to 454, the Health Ministry said Monday.

The 14-day quarantine for those on the ship was due to end Wednesday. OK seriously, AFTER a 14-day quarantine, NOW 99 more are infected WOW! Get them out of here yesterday Justin, 144 Canadians are trapped!

The ministry said it now has tested 1,723 people on the Diamond Princess. The ship had about 3,700 passengers and crew. OK am I missing something? If this virus infection can go 10 days asymptomatic and you have NOT TESTED EVERYONE! Are we kidding? I thought Japan was a first-world nation? If they can not control this, heaven forbid it hit a real 3rd world nation!! I am watching Thailand's numbers closely!  If you have any 1st hand knowledge of whats going on here please contact us!


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