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Coronavirus News (Updated as it Happens)  edit
Prevention, Risks Education, Diagnosis (are you infected), Supply links,  the latest news identified as Verified Facts or Hearsay and Forecasting Analysis.

We are here to help with Preventing the spread of Coronavirus, through Social Responsibility, Risk Education, Diagnosis and Supply Links. Our goal is NOT TO Spread Fear with Hearsay, but to verify the real facts.

What do we tell our kids when faced with a threat. Instead of reason, rationality, open-mindedness, having a social conscience and altruism, or are we are telling them to panic, be fearful, suspicious, reactionary and self-interested.

Covid-19 is nowhere near over. It will be coming to a city, a hospital, a friend, even a family member near you at some point. Expect it. Stop waiting to be surprised further. The fact is the virus itself will not likely do much harm when it arrives. But our own behaviors and "fight for yourself above all else" attitude could prove disastrous.

Talk to Us!   If you have first-hand Coronavirus experience or are a COVID19 survivor talk to us. If you can share some lessons, the world needs to know please contact us!

Help Us!  We need 100's of editors and moderators. We need to control comments so that they do not spread fear but work towards proactive solutions with good prevention plans based on sound risk awareness. You will be saving Lives!  

CoronaVirus News Update   edit